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Mahara Migration Instructions

How to migrate your content to the new Mahara site
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KPU's New Mahara Site

KPU's ePortfolio platform is moving to a new location: https://eportfolios.kpu.ca

The old site (https://portfolios.kpu.ca) will be maintained for a limited period of time to allow you to export your content and import it into the new site.

Complete instructions are  provided in a Word document on this page. There are 2 short screencasts below to walk you through the steps required.

If you have any problems with the export of your content from this site or your import to the new location, please submit a job to the IT Service Desk. Include any error messages or warnings you received.

Export from "portfolios.kpu.ca"

Import to "eportfolios.kpu.ca"

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